Friday, July 3, 2020

- This bag I've been hunting for months -

- The most beautiful (and delicious) Anniversary cake -

- A necklace filled with crushed shell from Hawaii from Dune Jewelry - (You can use your code STYLEANDCAFE10 for a 10% off!)

- Wishing having a real summer to wear this pair of shoes -

- The new addition to our family: Meet Gigi! -

So happy it's Friday, even when its meaning is a little different now, I'm always craving time at home with my little family, and talking about family as you can see we decided to adopt this little cutie, I have to admit I considered myself not a cat person since forever until Ed found this girl in the parking lot of his work place and brought her home, surprisingly 2 weeks after and we LOVE her, good thing our pups (Ethan & Coco) were not anxious with this movement. Cat ladies: Please share your tips!

Last week was our 6th Anniversary and even when it was a little sad that it was our first year we do not travel to celebrate, it was a pretty awesome one, champagne and cake were involved and I felt so blessed to realize how I don't need to be in the other side of the world to celebrate the most important day of my life. You know, it's the little things guys and now more than ever we need to hang over those... So cheers to little celebrations and moments!

What are your plans for the long weekend? Hope you have a great one!
Thanks for reading, XO

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  1. Oh gosh so many great fave! The bag, the cake and Gigi!! Too cute and congratulations on your new addition!

    Allie of