Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Last month I went on a little road trip with the hubs to celebrate our Anniversary; Travel is one of our favorite things (If only we had more time!) our first stop was New Orleans, since a long time I wanted to know this city and I have to say that was way more than we expected, our favorite was their food! I am now so obsessed with Gumbo and Jambalaya (my mouth is drooling just remembering) we stayed at Hotel Royal just 1 block from Bourbon St. and it was perfect because it was close to everything, walking distances of less than 10 minutes to touristy sites; I want to share with you some snaps from there (we try to leave the camera aside in our anniversary trips so we really can enjoy the moment)

What to do:
- Stroll through Jackson Square -
First thing arriving to NOLA go to Jackson Square and let all the vibes get you, there you can listening to Jazz and see paint artists in every corner, also you can visit St. Paul cathedral that is stunning.
- Visit NOLA Museum of art -
This place is beautiful it counts with an outdoor museum in a giant park that makes it perfect to have a great afternoon, you can even rent a swan boat and pedal on the lake
- Walk through Bourbon Street -
Every night we did this and it was probably the best part of our trip, we enjoy to drink so we like this street a lot, it has trashy vibes and peculiar people all around there about 3 or 4 blocks full of bars, our favorite was Krazy Korner (if you like to dance with live music) and Boot Scooting Rodeo if you love country music as I do.
-French Quarter-
If you love just see pretty places this area of New Orleans is perfect because the most beautiful balconies are here, they are so gorgeous literally you can take a photo in every corner.
-Admire the Mississippi River
To relax of all the craziness go to the Mississippi river, you will find a lot of families and people also relaxing there to get back to the grind again. Also if you are a cruise lover you can reserve a night ride and dinner at the Natchez.
- Oak Alley Plantation -
Twirling in this magical place was a favorite too, do you knew that "Deja Vu" video from Beyonce and that "Interview with the vampire" movie were filmed here? However this place have such a sad history about slavery, really recommend to do the tour. This place is about 40 min from NOLA in Valcherie, Louisiana.


Where to eat (& drink):
If you are planning to go to NOLA please guys do not be on your comfort side and try all the typical dishes, you're not gonna regret it!
- Cafe Du Monde -
As I said on Instagram: "If you don't get beignets, do you you really go to New Orleans?" This is the very top must, it's always crowded but totally worth it!
- Napoleon House -
I wanted to try gumbo (typical dish) for the first time in my life and it was here! It was ah-mazing, also this place has such bohemian vibes.
- Gumbo Shop -
We tried gumbo (yes, again!) and Jambalaya and omg just remembering my mouth is drooling. They were delicious, this place has more family vibes and it was antique decorated. I really wanna back just for the food.
- Carousel Bar -
Inside Hotel Monteleone is this beautiful bar, really the carousel of my dreams haha they have great drinks (from $12) and it is almost impossible to get a place in the carousel, so you have to hang on the other seats in the meanwhile a seat is free.
-Oyster Bar-
Another food all around are Oysters! So if you're a lover of sea food as I am I really recommend this bar to treat yourself
- Tropical Isle -
Hand grenade is a must, it's a good tasting strong margarita kind of, good thing is that tropical isle is everywhere in NOLA.
-Hard Rock Cafe -
For me HRC never has failed me doesn't matter the city or even country, so on the safe side this is a place to go, also you can take photo on the drums at the stage.

Thanks for reading, XO

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