Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I know I have tell y'all before how makeup is my weakness, I always try lots of products (high-end and drugstore) now and then to find "the one" of each one...
I do not consider myself a beauty expert but I'm for sure a beauty junkie, so today I will share with you my top 10 make up products in the high-end section that I can't live without:

Let's first talk about Dior, Hands down this is the best foundation I've tried, Pricey? Yes! Worth it? YES! It leaves you with that airbrush face that you only get with a pro and it does not take much product to get a good coverage, I have wear it for years so I really recommend!... BUT I think that I'm having second thoughts since they changed the formula, so I recently tried Estee Lauder and I start to love it more, it gives you the perfect coverage and a great look, also the price is not bad right? So I let this one as backup of the first one, but truth said is I can't really decide which one is my fave lately.

I always receive compliments with this concealer about my make up, even some related with looking younger which is always the best compliment right?!

Of course in every one's holy grail collection couldn't be complete without Chanel, I like how perfect this blush is, right pigmented and really love how silky it looks!

First thing I love about Tarte cosmetics?! They're free animal cruelty! Completely natural formula! I love how this compact complete my makeup look or wear it without foundation just for a simple touch and oil control.

Growing up thin eye brows were in so this combo is a lifesaver for me, Love how the pomade attaches to skin looking natural and filling your natural brows and the brush tool is perfect to do this!

I recent discovered this brand and I'm in love with every product. I love this trio because it's so practical to carry in the handbag since you have highlight (which is amazing), blush & bronzer in one. However you can buy the regular size of each one! They are so pigmented without looking cakey!

Before this, I used to not wear eye shadows because of my mix type skin it falls down all the time. But this has been a game changer, it really act as a primer and keep the shadow all day.
This is just an add at the end of my routine to provide a long lasting make-up.

It could seem I'm advertising Urban decay but I'm not haha, I really love their products and this palette is no exception, of all the naked palettes I think the original has the best colors and it's so pigmented!

I've tried a LOT of mascaras to find my favorite! In fact I'm working on a post about them because it depends of everyone's taste in mascaras, some girls likes separated, volumened or lengthened, in my opinion this mascara does a perfect job without looking 'grummy'.

Hope you enjoy this post!
Thanks for taking the time to reading.



  1. Such lovely products! I'm all for Tarte and Urban Decay products they are so good!


    1. Yay! I need to try more of Tarte, I've only tried the powder and blushes :)

  2. I want to try Chanel as a brand -- I've only tried one lipstick. May have to pick up a blush. xoxo, Jacqie @ thelipsticknarratives.com

  3. I have heard all about the Estee foundation! One day I'll have to try. I just heard there is some flashback from taking photos - is this still true?

  4. I use it for my everyday and have never seen that but will put more attention