Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hello Y'all!
I can't believe this is my first post 2019.
I started this year with a lot of things weighting me down, definitely 2018 was not my best year in several personal aspects and there are still a lot of things I have to put together in 2019 and that is part of why I haven't write in a while... Then when I shared a photo on Instagram of a little road trip my hubby and I did on Valentines weekend, I received some request of you guys to share, that excited me a lot since I've missed my blog so much!... So here I go again...

We went to Fredericksburg, Texas and it was great! I've always wanted to go there and don't know how we've never came before since it's a close travel from home, It's about 1 hour from San Antonio and the road is so pretty! It is a small town, there is a main street where all vineyards are located, so you can do a winery hopping!

We went to 2 wineries/vineyards ( I wanted one more but really time did not allowed us to) Anyway as this post was not planned at all I'll share some snaps that I took with my phone. Let me know your thoughts! :)

Can I be any more in love with a place? (Please read this with Joey's accent lol) I don't think so! I felt like were on a fairy tale and Ed was having a blast with all the food we found there! Cheese, jams, chocolate covered strawberries and of course peach wine... BUT the best of all... that backyard was magical! All those trees, that lake, even a swing for two! I really recommend all the way to Fredericksburg, just because of this place!

This place is definitely more fancy, they have a club so a lot of members are allowed to be there at any time, If you're not a member a wine tasting is mandatory and you have the option to include a tour in your pass, we just did the tasting and Samantha our host was amazing! Wine was just perfect! After that we did some patio time and there was live music, we ordered more wine and a cheese plate that OMG! just imagining that moment my mouth watered, it was SOOO good!. In summary, very different from other vineyards but definitely amazing in its own kind!

Hope you enjoy this! We are already planning to travel back and explore some more :)
Thanks for reading, XO


  1. What a charming place! Your photos are sooo lovely dear. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica |