Saturday, December 29, 2018

T-shirt: Pretty Little Thing || Fringe Jacket: Pretty Little Thing

Hello Y'all! Happy... wait, what day is today?!
You know just that moment when you are on your Christmas break and don't know what day it is! Apparently is the weekend, (I never post on weekend btw haha, you can know I'm really lost because of that) only thing I know is that in 2 days is New Year's eve! Literally, where did the year go?!?

I'm sharing today my second look with Pretty Little Thing, if you want to check the first outfit and why I'm loving this brand so much you can do it here.

For this one I picked different pieces to style because for some time I (and my photographer/hubby) wanted to do some "shaggy" look that if you see maybe we failed a little because it's not at all lol. Well to start I got this cute rocker tee that it's so perfect for a concert or a music festival or just any simple day and paired with this fringe jacket that OMG I loved! It gives such a cute glam touch, it received so many compliments specially on the color, it's a rich Burgundy that it's perfect for fall-winter, and it came in another 4 colors. If you're looking for a chic look this jacket instantly does the charm :)

Hope you're having a great weekend guys!

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  1. your outfit really suits you, you look fabulous in this and your sandals are so stunning.
    xo Corina