Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Hello everyone,
I was just saying on Instagram that doesn't matter how years have you spent with your other half, he is always the most difficult to shop for! And I guess that it's because
there are only like 3 generic options that are the easier and I bet you have used them for years (perfume, watch, sweater! right?) it is like, what can I shop different this time?!?!... So I'm sharing with you today these options that are approved by the hubs and that can apply for your dad, brother or special friend too :)

Well, I gave this to Ed 2 Christmas ago and it was perfect for storage his watches (some of them were presents for celebrations before ha!) it has been so useful and you can personalize it as you wish, for me this made it as a special one because of the meaning you can put on it :)

Yes I know, this sounds so childish but accept it or not, men love videogames doesn't matter their age; So if you really wanna surprise him trust me in this one! I linked the Nintendo switch that it's the novelty right now and it can be nostalgic since it's re-launching games from our childhood!

If I've learned something is that men love technology, so the newest smart watch or phone are always good options!

Wireless earpods count as tech too and they're so versatile for fitness, work or they can even connect them to TV provider to watch a movie with out bothering you with the sound, so it's a double win!

"You spent in slippers what?!" can be the first reaction to be honest because well, guys do not spend like us! But let me tell you that these slippers were a Christmas present like 3 years ago and have been wore ALL THE TIME and still look like new! Super comfy and perfect for any kind of man ;)

Even when you're not sure if he's gonna use it, he will love it!

Target and Walmart has a lot of [cute] and affordable options for this one!

An item of his favorite team is always a good idea, consider sweater, mug, pj's and anything that came to your mind!

Anyway girls, I hope this post is useful, the trick is not to buy for him something that you like, put in his shoes and think what would he get if he has the money to?!

xo, Kari

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