Whitening sensitive teeth at home

Friday, October 5, 2018

*Sponsored post by Smile Brilliant, all opinions are my own

Hello Y’all!
Today I want to share my experience whitening my teeth at home with Smile Brilliant...

1.     First things first
First of all let me give you a little background about my teeth, so you can have a better view of this, because I can assure you, mine are a special case.
·       I have the most weak, thin & transparent teeth
·       I have 2 fillers because my teeth broke more than once, just eating an apple or candy!
·       I always have a hard time with whitening because it hurts of how thin they are
·       I have tried whitening strips, but they are too abrasive for me and laser is a no brainer, definitely no-no.
·       A long time without attempt to whitening because of this (last time was 4 yrs ago for my wedding with a similar whitening method that my dentist provide me and it has been the less abrasive alternative)
·       I also give my teeth a hard time because I drink coffee every day & wine some nights of the week

That being said, when Smile Brilliant contacted me I was hesitant; first because I know it would be a ‘before’ teeth photo (haha silly I know) but seriously because my teeth are too sensitive and I did not wanted to hurt them with another useless attempt.
After I see their website and realize the method was similar to the one I used before my wedding I was totally in, because it has been the only process that has caused me the littlest pain compared to other methods, and the idea I can make it at home was a huge dealer. Now to the process…

2.      Smile Brilliant
The Smile Brilliant kit comes with everything to a perfect smile; They sent you a whole kit, you have to follow these steps:
·      You receive 3 kits of catalyst + base paste to make your impressions (a third in case you mess it up!) with very clear instructions to do it.
·      You send back your impressions to them (no cost!)
·      After some days they send you back your customized whitening trays (in a cute case I must add)
·      You have now 3 pairs of sets to fill your trays with whitening product and a desensitizing gel for after in case of sensitivity
·       You use it every night (it is recommended before sleep) from 30 min to 3 hours

3.      Result + Final thoughts

I am really surprised on how Smile Brilliant kit actually worked for whitening my sensitive teeth, this kit provides very clear instructions so there is no way of do the wrong thing.
I did the treatment for 3 weeks however I started to see a difference since the first days; I started with 30 minutes, then 1 hour but if you do not experience sensitivity as I usually do you could use it until 3 hours and you get better results!!

Here are my top tips on why you should use it too:
·      Very practical and easy to use (I use it every day after dinner while doing my nightly routine, taking a bath, reading or watching tv and it was comfortable and did not give any trouble at all)
·      Since day 1 I could see a difference
·      They provide you customized whitening trays so every inch of your teeth will be covered
·       Not messy
·       Worth the price for the whole kit
·       It really is the answer for sensitive teeth!! (Yay! Finally!)
One thing I’m sure, I will continue using it!

4.      GIVEAWAY & Coupon code
Now for the fun part! I have a surprise for you guys!! I've teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give away a credit of $149 so you can have your whitening kit! You can enter in the link below:

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Be sure to participate! It will end next Friday October 12th! Good Luck! 
Thank you for reading guys!

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