Saturday, October 20, 2018

Happy Friday Y'all:
Today I'm sharing 5 fall movies ready to watch on Netflix!
I Love how Fall slowly arrives and being the homebody I am, I like to curl up on the couch with my hubby and dogs and watch movies with a cup of tea, isn't the best feeling? I basically live for Fall & Winter and these cute moments.
So let's go with this Friday five edition:

1. Hocus Pocus
So happy to see that HP is on Netflix this year (last fall was not). I know everybody has watch this movie like a hundred times, but it does not hurt to watch it the hundred and one right? ;)

2. October Kiss
Ohhh! Since I discovered this movie I've watch it a lot! It is about a woman working as babysitter for a family integrated by a widow man, a boy and a girl; She tries to cheer the kids since the holidays are coming and their mom is gone and in the road she is also is falling for their dad; everything is around Halloween so it is so fall-ish! Definitely a fave!

3. When Harry met Sally
This Meg Ryan's classic is set on Fall at New York, so there are a lot of scenes with fall mood!
What I love about this movie is how time passes through it, first they met when they are college students while they share a cab from NY to Chicago arguing about how a man and a woman can't be friends, then 10 years later the coincide again with their respective couples and try to be friends. It's so fun but it has its cute moments.

4. Autumn Dreams
This one is about a young couple who elope when they're in high school, her father separates them with the idea that she needs a better future, 10 years later, successful and everyone with their life, they realize something happened in the divorce papers that they're still married, Cute typical Hallmark movie!

5. Stepmom
Such a great acting from Susan Sarandon & Julia Roberts, the first dealing with their 2 kids and the 'after' from a divorce since her ex-husband is gone with a younger woman. She start to keep her kids away from the new woman but then a lot of things happen... Please keep Kleenex close to you because you're going to need it with this one!

Thanks for reading

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