Friday, July 27, 2018

- Strolling through these beautiful streets -

 - The most perfect spot to take a pic -
 - A perfect brunch with my other half at Driftwood Kitchen -
 - Murals at the beach -

- Gloomy morning at Laguna -

Happy Friday Y'all! I'm happy that I'm back with my Friday five posts because I can express my randomness in this little part of my blog.

Days at Cali were incredible celebrating our Anniversary, loved our little road trip on the coast, that even these photos were taken with my cellphone because we did not want to carry the camera, just really enjoy the place... I did not wanna come back! I really said to my hubby "Can we never go back and live here??" haha but after the traffic I started to miss my quiet little hometown; So Cali would be my 2nd favorite state 'til now ;) This was our first time in Laguna Beach and I remember I wanted to go since I was a huge fan of the MTV series lol... Do you remember? In fact I'm so happy Kristin Cavallari is back with a new reality show on E!, After all the best was still un-written :P just kidding, but seriously, Have you checked it out? ;)

Hope you have an amazing weekend!
xo, Kari

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