Friday, December 15, 2017

Hi everyone!
Can you believe we are 10 days away from Christmas? It has been such a crazy year! Where did the time go?! So I'm trying to enjoy every minute of December! Today I'm sharing in Friday five with you our favorite traditions, slowly we have been creating some great times that we love to repeat on the holiday season :) 

1. Put up the Christmas Tree & Nativity Scene

This may sound pretty regular but I think that this is what Christmas is about! I enjoy way more to put some Christmas music (Kelly Clarkson & Frank Sinatra are my faves for this) and start to decorate our home more than the Christmas Eve or Day itself! I think Christmas is precisely the wait (advent) for that marvelous day! I have to say I'm some times extreme with the decor haha!

One of the traditions I will always be thankful to my family is that they always teach me everything about Jesus so of course I love to put the Nativity scene and if some day I have kids I would love to teach them what is the real reason of the season!

2. Bake Cookies & a little competition to see who make the most pretty one! ;)
Oh well, I love to spend some time at the kitchen, specially on the holiday season, My hubby is pretty competitive about anything (I always compare him with Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) so he can't help but to always try to make the best cookie decoration, so I practically play his game too and it ends in a healthy competition, good thing is that all cookies are Instafriendly because of that :)

3. Binge watch Christmas Movies with a cup of cocoa
This is probably my favorite one! I LOVE Christmas movies!!! I have a large list of them & I never had the time to watch every one I want on one season! Of course I'm addicted to Hallmark Chanel too with a cup of cocoa with topping of marshmallows. (Fun fact: Ed & I started to date one December and in our first date to the movie theater we watched a Christmas movie :))

4. Take a familiar photo on Christmas tree
You know, for us Mexican the tradition is more on Christmas Eve, to dress up and have dinner with our (large I must add) family, so before we went to dinner with grandma we always take our photo, since we got married we've done that and it's like create memories, because you can see how evolved things are from one year to another!

5. Visit the Festival of Lights
This is our 6th year visiting this festival, It's in Hidalgo little town located at the (REAL) south of Texas! There is even a little train touring the neighborhood to see all the houses decorated :) This may seem simple but I love this since we went the first time!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoy this post...
What are your favorite traditions?!
xo, Kari

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  1. Amiga hermosa .! Amo tus tradiciones .! Comparto varias contigo como ver pelis de navidad .!! Esa es mi favorita .! Y decoraste tan Hermoso .!!