Monday, October 30, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Happy Monday! (If that's possible lol) Today I'm sharing my favorites from October in several categories...
I'm starting this section and enjoying it since it allows me to write randomly on my blog

1. Style
Of course my favorite thing in October was that Fall REALLY arrived Fall season is my favorite, specially in clothes since there are a lot of options to choose! And I'm starting to match what I want to wear! Lately I've been crazy over red, tweed, checked prints & of course plaid!

2. Beauty
I've mentioned before I'm a beauty junkie and even when I have my holy grail products I always love to try new ones, this month was Estee Lauder foundation, I have read so many good reviews about this one and wanted to try it since some time ago... Result: I liked it but I still have my favorite... However the SURPRISE here was that with the purchase of $35 or more there was this gift with Estee Lauder products included in a cosmetic bag (Day cream, Cleanser, Eye night repair cream, eye shadow & lipstick) and I have to say that I'm in LOVE with the day cream and eye night cream, they're super great, even my hubby loved them, he's been using them every day, since it reduces puffiness in his eyes! Totally recommend!

3. Books
Maybe this is the first time I say it here but I'm a bookworm (no shame here lol) and this month I read 'It' by Stephen King and I really loved it... I watched the new film and I would recommend the 90's one better though, but the book was an amazing ride! If you like horror you will love it; I love to read thrillers and horror on fall season, so I recommend this read so much, It's 1,154 pages but totally worth it! :) And I was really surprised that I made a POLL at my insta-stories (follow me @a_colorful_style ) asking if I should so a post about Books to read for fall and have a lot of answers and 100% yes!! :) So excited to do it!! :)

4. {Fall} Food/Beverages
Another thing I loved this month is this tea that I found at Target. "Pumpkin Chai Latte": This is a mix between pumpkin & chai (2 of my faves) it smells amazing and it's super yummy! If you like seasonal beverages this one is perfect for a quiet cloudy afternoon at home watching favorite Fall movies!!

5. TV/Music
So thrilled as everyone that Stranger Things is back for its Season 2! I mean who isn't right??!!

Songs I played this month on and on:
Somebody else will - Justin Moore
Strip that down - Liam Payne

Hope you're liking this section...

What are your favorites of October?
Any random thing do you recommend? :)



  1. Love your list of October favorites! I also love fall fashion and was so excited that Stranger Things Season 2 finally came out.

    @stylingsofstacey |

    1. Yay!! I just finished the season! Can't wait for Season 3!!!