Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Happy Hump Day!
I consider myself a beauty junkie and my favorite thing of all beauty products is lipstick! Normally I am a sucker for pinks but once...
Fall arrives I change to berry tones. I love some brands but MAC has my heart! Especially the mattes, since my skin is normal to oily, make up doesn't last enough time in my face, so Matte lipsticks work perfect for me.

So, these are my favorite for FALL:
*(Also check my special companion ;) my fur baby wanted to be on the blog too lol! His name is Ethan)

* I tried to keep my makeup simple so the lipstick really pop up :)

1. Mehr - If you're brunette like me you can understand how difficult is to find a nude lipstick that really shows, I think this one is perfect for us, it has more a pink than a brown shade like mauve but it's gorgeous if you want just a touch of color.
 2. Flat out Fabulous - This is the perfect pink/purple, since I am a lover of pinks, this is for me like a darker pink for fall, it has some purple blue tones tough. Also if you're not ready to wear a real purple like MAC 'heroine', this one is for you! (This one is what I'm wearing in the 1st photo with Ethan)
3. Rebel - The perfect berry! I doubt there is anyone that hasn't this lipstick, I love it, the only thing is that it's super creamy but I don't think there is another lipstick that screams FALL like this one! 
4. Ruby Woo - What would be life without red lipstick? I have some fave reds from MAC but this is the one I wear on Fall/Winter because it's a little darker than the others, It's like my 'holiday lipstick' I'm guilty to wear it a lot on December.
5. Diva - This could be one of my favorites, this is a pretty Burgundy tone, it's creamy but it stays mate at the end with a touch of shine, it's a little dark warm tone.
 6. Whirl - Last but not least! This is the one that Kylie Jenner made famous, I am not a huge fan of brown lipstick but this one is sometimes great for some specific outfits! It's semi-matte just as Diva and it has a touch of pink tone.
Outfit details:
Top: Nordstrom | Necklace: Kate Spade | Watch: Apple

Hope you enjoy this post!
If you have any suggestions of lipstick for fall I would love to read it!!! :)


  1. You look amazing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. Thank you girl! I really appreciate it :)

  2. "Rebel" is such a nice color! You look great in all colors :)


    1. Thank you! I was just doing this post & thinking why I don't wear 'Rebel' more? lol