Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hi Girls!
Today I'm sharing with you my night skincare routine...
I am that kind of girl that always likes to try new beauty products until found "the one" of each one, currently these are my favorites before sleep! I have a mix between oily and dry skin so I try to find for products that help my skin in every way.

The 3 essentials steps for me are Cleansing/Eyes/Hydrating but I've always try to incorporate another products for specific targets.


I really LOVE this cleanser from Neutrogena, as it says it feels like a DEEP cleaning, I use it 2 times a day, there are both versions for oily & dry skin, it feels light, and works perfectly with my Clarisonic Brush! I was not a believer of this product at the beginning but after I tried it I realize how much difference it is against just cleanser with your hands, it really cleans deeply including big pores. 
The good thing about clarisonic is that it counts with a brush replacements for different kind of problems, like acne or different skin types.


I swear by Clinique products since I can remember, when I was in college I used the classic 3-Step Care System by them, now that I am getting older ha! I'm trying to take a little more care to my skin, I still do not have wrinkles or something like that but I think it's important to prevent :) 
Clinique "All about eyes" rich a friend recommended me this one and I have seen a big improvement in my dark circles and how hydrating are my eyes since I start using it!
Clinique Repairwear laser focus I use this serum before the night cream and wait for my face to absorb It completely, But this one is for a very SPECIFIC TARGET... When I was in High school I was in the Soccer and baseball team and spent a lot of time under the sun (which my skin is charging me for it now!) at the point that my doctor prohibited me to play anymore, some years later a beauty consultant recommended me this one and it has helped a lot to my skin :) 
Clinique Repairwear Intensive Night Cream This cream is very hydrating over the night without leaving oily or sticky your face, at the morning my face looks so bright and healthy, I really recommend!

STEP 3: DEEP CARE (Once a week)

These 2 products I use them after the Clarisonic step but once a week only.
The La Roche serum is same as laser focus, for sun exposure repair, it's very repairing to the skin, but it's a little more heavy compared to the last. However more efficient in my opinion.
The Josie Maran Argan oil was really a surprise to me, since in my head it was like how can I use oil if my skin it's oily already? it just did not make sense, but it came with my clarisonic and it's amazing with the skin, I use it overnight once a week and it's very hidratating and makes skin looks brighter in the morning than with regular routine.

This is my very first beauty post.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I love a good serum and haven't tried either of these! I must put them on my list!