Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!
Beside the things I've posted here, I'm adding a travel category since it's something I enjoy so much too... 

Ed (my hubby) and I try to travel every time we can, since we are 8-5ers is a little difficult but at the first opportunity #byefelicia! A few months ago we went to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday, It was only for the weekend (Thu-Sun) and it was a first for both of us, so we went with a lot of food recommendations to try. In fact I think that food was the main element of the weekend lol. We ate like no tomorrow! And could not believe all the amazing food there!

Anyway, I wanted to share my our 5 fave foods at Vegas

1. Sambalatte – This place was our favorite! Because the coffee is not only delicious but BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never seen before such kind of art in a Coffee. Also the food was so good for a breakfast, we ordered some kind of panini with cheese that was yum.

    2. Serendipity 3 – Like every ‘chick flick’ girl of course I couldn’t pass to go to Serendipity, since I watched that movie I always wanted to go to that coffee (well the one in NY) I haven’t had the chance… But this one makes the charm! The vibe of this one is different since is colorful and Ceasar-ly (can be that a word?) since it is located in Caesars Palace. I ordered the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and we ordered one brunch dish for 2 and couldn’t finish it since portions were so big.

  1. 3. Le Macaron - Best macarons ever! Its owner is French and he was explaining us the food, It was another level! Can't recommend it more!
    4.Sprinkles Cupcake ATM – Enough said!
    5. Lago by Julian Serrano – We wanted to close our trip with a special Birthday dinner, so we tried this place with STAR Michelin award chef Julian Serrano. The concept are italian “tapas” small plates/portions so you end ordering about 6-8 tapas for 2 persons to get a full dinner. We really loved the concept since we like to try new food and share. However the food was not great, just good. (Or maybe we went with high expactations), but I think you’re paying for the view because it was amazing in front of the Paris, specially when the Bellagio fountains starts their show. And that was totally worth the price!

Other places we ate:
Grimaldi's Pizzeria - Those pizzas were soooo good! Very well done. Gourmet pizzas with great flavor.
Shake Shack - Nice but I prefer In-n-Out better
Le Village Buffet at Paris Hotel - Overated in my opinion. I didn't like it much. Expensive for the value.
Park at Fremont - Can't really recommend food because we only went for drinks, which were good! FUN place to hangout!

Hope you enjoy this post!


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